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Change group membership of all SharePoint Online sites

Author: Arjun Menon, Inspired by Patrick Lamber

This is a script which takes a subset or all members of the default owner group and downgrades the permission to the default member group.

The below script filters all the Communication Sites from your tenant whose Title contains the keyword Central. Based on your use case / requirement, you can modify the script

$siteFilterKeyword = "Central"

#Getting the Communication Sites whose title contains the the given keyword
$siteList = m365 spo site list --type CommunicationSite --output json --query "[? contains(Title,'$siteFilterKeyword')]" | ConvertFrom-Json
$TotalSiteCount = $SiteList.Count
Write-Host "Total number sites which has the keyword '$siteFilterKeyword' in their title are : $TotalSiteCount"
$SiteCounter = 1

Foreach ($site in $siteList){
Write-Host "Processing site No : $SiteCounter / $TotalSiteCount."
Write-Host "Site URL - $($site.Url)"
# Getting only Associated Owner and Member Groups using JMES Query
$AssociatedGroups = m365 spo web get --url $site.Url --withGroups --query "{MemberGroup: AssociatedMemberGroup, OwnerGroup: AssociatedOwnerGroup}" --output json | ConvertFrom-Json

# Getting list of members from the Owner Group
$UserList = m365 spo group member list --webUrl $site.Url --groupId $AssociatedGroups.OwnerGroup.Id --query "value" --output json | ConvertFrom-Json

Write-Host "Total Users available in the Group, $($AssociatedGroups.OwnerGroup.Title) : "$UserList.Count
Foreach ($User in $UserList){
# Adding the user to Member Group
m365 spo group member add --webUrl $site.Url --groupId $AssociatedGroups.MemberGroup.Id --userName "$($User.UserPrincipalName)"

# Removing the user from Owner Group
m365 spo group member remove --webUrl $site.Url --groupId $AssociatedGroups.OwnerGroup.Id --userName "$($User.UserPrincipalName)" --force