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List all application customizers in a tenant

Author: Rabia Williams

List all the application customizers in a tenant. Scope is default All. Here we are using the custom action list command to list out all the Application Customizers in all the sites in the tenant.

$sites = m365 spo search --queryText "contentclass:STS_site -SPSiteURL:personal" --selectProperties "Path,Title" --allResults --output json | ConvertFrom-Json
foreach ($site in $sites) {                                                      
  write-host $site.Title                      
  write-host $site.Path                                             
  m365 spo customaction list --webUrl $site.Path   

# requires jq:


sites=$(m365 spo search --queryText "contentclass:STS_site -SPSiteURL:personal" --selectProperties "Path,Title" --allResults --output json)

for site in $(echo $sites | jq -c '.[]'); do
  siteUrl=$(echo ${site} | jq -r '.Path')
  siteName=$(echo ${site} | jq -r '.Title')
  echo $siteUrl
  echo $siteName
  m365 spo customaction list --webUrl $siteUrl