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Ensure the Site Assets Library is created

Author: Phillip Allan-Harding

There are occasions when creating a new modern SharePoint site using the CLI/REST API that the Site Assets library isn't created, use this script to ensure that the Site Assets library is created.

Reference: 'ensure' commands #1427

  • gets the collection of lists at the site url supplied
  • if a list with the title "Site Assets" isn't found
  • gets an access token for the tenant's SharePoint resource
  • calls the _api/web/Lists/EnsureSiteAssetsLibrary REST endpoint to create the Site Assets library
  • returns the existing or created SPList as a JSON object
function EnsureSiteAssetsLibrary {
param (

send a HTTP POST request to:
which returns an SPList
Write-Host "-> Ensure Site Assets library: $siteUrl"
$list = m365 spo list get --webUrl $siteUrl --title "Site Assets" | ConvertFrom-Json

if ($null -eq $list) {
Write-Host "...Creating Site Assets library"

try {
$resource = ($siteUrl -split "/")[2]
$accessToken = m365 util accesstoken get --resource "https://$resource" --output text
catch {
throw "!! Unable to get AccessToken for EnsureSiteAssetsLibrary at '$siteUrl'`nERROR: $_"
try {
$headers = @{ "Authorization" = "Bearer $accessToken"; "Accept" = "application/json;odata=nometadata" }
$endpoint = "$siteUrl/_api/web/Lists/EnsureSiteAssetsLibrary/"
$response = (Invoke-RestMethod -Uri $endpoint -Headers $headers -Method POST)
$list = $response

Write-Host "...Created: $($list.Id)"
catch {
throw "!! Unable to EnsureSiteAssetsLibrary at '$siteUrl'`nERROR: $_"
} else {
Write-Host "...Already exists: $($list.Id)"