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Lists number of files in all lists and folders for the given site

Author: Albert-Jan Schot

List all Lists, the folders and sub folders in a given site, and output the item count. Each folder is processed recursively. By default only non hidden document libraries are processed. As specified with the filter $false -eq $list.Hidden -and $list.BaseTemplate -eq "101". The output is a CSV that contains the itemcount for each list and folder found in the specified site collection.

$fileExportPath = "<PUTYOURPATHHERE.csv>"

$m365Status = m365 status --output text

if ($m365Status -eq "Logged Out") {
  # Connection to Microsoft 365
  m365 login

[System.Collections.ArrayList]$results = @()

function Get-Folders($webUrl, $folderUrl) {
  $folders = m365 spo folder list -u $webUrl --parentFolderUrl $folderUrl -o json | ConvertFrom-Json

  foreach ($folder in $folders) {
    $folderStats = m365 spo folder get -u $webUrl --f $folder.ServerRelativeUrl -o json | ConvertFrom-Json

    Write-Output "Processing folder: $($folder.ServerRelativeUrl);"
    [void]$results.Add([pscustomobject]@{ Url = $folder.ServerRelativeUrl; ItemCount = $folderStats.ItemCount; Type = "Folder"; })

    Get-Folders $webUrl $folder.ServerRelativeUrl

$allLists = m365 spo list list -u $siteUrl -o json | ConvertFrom-Json

foreach ($list in $allLists) {
  if ($false -eq $list.Hidden -and $list.BaseTemplate -eq "101") {
    Write-Output "Processing $($list.Url)"
    [void]$results.Add([PSCustomObject]@{ Url = $list.Url; ItemCount = $list.ItemCount; Type = "List"; })

    Get-Folders $siteUrl $list.Url

$results | Export-Csv -Path $fileExportPath -NoTypeInformation