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List all tenant-wide extensions

Author: Shantha Kumar T

The following script lists all tenant-wide extensions deployed in the tenant. The sample returns the Id, Title, Extension Location and Extension Disabled status of each extension.

$listName = "Tenant Wide Extensions"
$fields = "Id, Title, TenantWideExtensionDisabled, TenantWideExtensionLocation"

$appcatalogurl = m365 spo tenant appcatalogurl get
m365 spo listitem list --listTitle $listName --webUrl $appcatalogurl --fields $fields

listName = "Tenant Wide Extensions"
fields = "Id, Title, TenantWideExtensionLocation, TenantWideExtensionDisabled"

appcatalogurl = $(m365 spo tenant appcatalogurl get)
m365 spo listitem list --listTitle "$listName" --webUrl $appcatalogurl --fields "$fields"


To view more/different properties of the extensions, adjust the internal names in the fields variable.

Column Internal Name Description
Title Title Title of the extension.
Component Id TenantWideExtensionComponentId The manifest ID of the component. It has to be in GUID format and the component must exist in the App Catalog.
Component Properties TenantWideExtensionComponentProperties component properties.
Web Template TenantWideExtensionWebTemplate It can be used to target extension only to a specific web template.
List template TenantWideExtensionListTemplate List type as a number.
Location TenantWideExtensionLocation Location of the extension. There are different support locations for application customizers and ListView Command Sets.
Sequence TenantWideExtensionSequence The sequence of the extension in rendering.
Host Properties TenantWideExtensionHostProperties Additional server-side configuration, like pre-allocated height for placeholders.
Disabled TenantWideExtensionDisabled Is the extension enabled or disabled?