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Delete custom SharePoint site designs

Author: Laura Kokkarinen

Site designs and especially site scripts can be something that ends up just hanging around in your tenant for a long time even though you no longer need them for anything. Use the scripts below to get rid of them. You might also find some site scripts that are not linked to any site design and hence never get executed!

$sparksjoy = "Cat Lovers United", "Multicolored theme"
$sitedesigns = m365 spo sitedesign list -o json | ConvertFrom-Json
$sitedesigns = $sitedesigns | where {-not ($sparksjoy -contains $_.Title)}
$sitedesigns | Format-Table Title, SiteScriptIds, Description
if ($sitedesigns.Count -eq 0) { break }
Read-Host -Prompt "Press Enter to start deleting (CTRL + C to exit)"
$progress = 0
$total = $sitedesigns.Count
foreach ($sitedesign in $sitedesigns)
write-host $progress / $total":" $sitedesign.Title
m365 spo sitedesign remove --id "$($sitedesign.Id)" --force