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Copy list items between SharePoint lists

Author: SekThang, Inspired by Ruud

This script helps you to copy list items from one list to another list. I have written script logics to migrate list items from one site collection to another site collection.

  • Prerequisites: List and metadata should be created in the destination site collection site as it's in the source site collection
  • Update columns to match your list in lines 12 and 14
$SourceSite = Read-Host -Prompt 'Source site Url'
$DestinationSite = Read-Host -Prompt 'Destination site Url'
$SourceList = Read-Host -Prompt 'Source list name'
$DestinationList = Read-Host -Prompt 'Destination list name'

$listItems = m365 spo listitem list --listTitle $SourceList --webUrl $SourceSite --output json | ConvertFrom-Json
Write-Host 'Total count in the source list is'-> -fore Green $listItems.Count
$count = 0
$reportLocation = Get-Location
foreach($item in $listItems)
m365 spo listitem add --listTitle $DestinationList --webUrl $DestinationSite --Title $item.Title --Firstname $item.Firstname --Lastname $item.Lastname
Write-Host $count 'item has been migrated to destination list. Reference item id is' $item.Id -fore Magenta
Write-output "Id:" $item.ID " - Firstname: " $item.Firstname "________________" | Out-File $reportLocation\Reports.txt -Append
Write-Host 'Report has been generated in .txt format, please check your drive' -fore Cyan