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List all failed site design for all sites

Author: Albert-Jan Schot

The following script iterates through all site collections and lists all site design runs with errors. By filtering on OutcomeCode == '1' it will return all sites and runs with explicit errors. By filtering on OutcomeCode != '0' you can also return any result that is not marked as successful.

$allSPOSites = m365 spo site list | ConvertFrom-Json
$siteCount = $allSPOSites.Count
Write-Output "Processing $siteCount sites..."
foreach ($site in $allSPOSites) {
    Write-Output "Processing $($site.Url)... ($siteCounter/$siteCount)"
    $runs = m365 spo sitedesign run list --webUrl $site.Url --output json | ConvertFrom-Json
    foreach ($run in $runs) {
        $runData = m365 spo sitedesign run status get --webUrl $site.Url --runId $run.ID --query '[?OutcomeCode == `1`]' --output json | ConvertFrom-Json
        if ($runData) {
            Write-Output "$($run.SiteDesignTitle) failed at $($site.Url) with id $($run.ID)"