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PropertyFieldViewPicker control

This control generates a view picker field that can be used in the property pane of your SharePoint Framework web parts.

The control automatically retrieves the views for a given SharePoint list:

View picker

How to use this control in your solutions

  1. Check that you installed the @pnp/spfx-property-controls dependency. Check out The getting started page for more information about installing the dependency.
  2. Import the following modules to your component:
import { PropertyFieldViewPicker, PropertyFieldViewPickerOrderBy } from '@pnp/spfx-property-controls/lib/PropertyFieldViewPicker';
  1. You'll probably want to use this control in combination with the PropertyFieldListPicker. Make sure to select the multiSelect prop to false, as this control is designed to work with a single list. Store the list id in your web part properties, as follows:
export interface IPropertyControlsTestWebPartProps {
  list: string; // Stores the list ID
  1. Create a new property for your web part, as indicated between the BEGIN: and END: comments below:
export interface IPropertyControlsTestWebPartProps {
  list: string; // Stores the list ID

  // BEGIN: Added
  view: string; // Stores the view ID
  // END: Added
  1. Add the custom property control to the groupFields of the web part property pane configuration:
PropertyFieldViewPicker('view', {
  label: 'Select a view',
  orderBy: PropertyFieldViewPickerOrderBy.Title,
  disabled: false,
  onPropertyChange: this.onPropertyPaneFieldChanged.bind(this),
  context: this.context,
  onGetErrorMessage: null,
  deferredValidationTime: 0,
  key: 'viewPickerFieldId'


The PropertyFieldViewPicker control can be configured with the following properties:

Property Type Required Description
label string yes Property field label displayed on top.
listId string yes The ID of the list or library you wish to select a view from.
disabled boolean no Specify if the control needs to be disabled.
context BaseComponentContext yes Context of the current web part.
selectedView string no Initial selected view of the control.
orderBy PropertyFieldViewPickerOrderBy no Specify the property on which you want to order the retrieve set of views.
webAbsoluteUrl string no Absolute Web Url of target site (user requires permissions)
onPropertyChange function yes Defines a onPropertyChange function to raise when the date gets changed.
properties any yes Parent web part properties, this object is use to update the property value.
key string yes An unique key that indicates the identity of this control.
onGetErrorMessage function no The method is used to get the validation error message and determine whether the input value is valid or not. See this documentation to learn how to use it.
deferredValidationTime number no Control will start to validate after users stop typing for deferredValidationTime milliseconds. Default value is 200.
viewsToExclude string[] no Defines views by which should be excluded from the view picker control. You can specify view titles or IDs
filter string no Filter views from OData query.
onViewsRetrieved (views: ISPView[]) => PromiseLike | ISPView[] no Callback that is called before the dropdown is populated.

Enum PropertyFieldViewPickerOrderBy

Name Description
Id Sort by view ID
Title Sort by view title