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Adaptive Card Designer Host

This control allows you to embed the official Adaptive Cards designer inside a React SPFx solution.

The control consists of 2 components:

  • AdaptiveCardDesigner: implements all the logic to embed the designer control as a React component;
  • AdaptiveCardDesignerHost: main control to render the designer in a full page Fluent UI panel;

Due to the nature in which the original Adaptive Card Designer control was implemented, it is not possible at this time to adapt it to the current theme applied to the site and especially to localize it to give multilingual support. The designer, therefore, is only available in the English language.

This control shares a lot of code with another control in this library, the "AdaptiveCardHost" control. In this way you have a uniformity of display between the cards created with this designer and those rendered with "AdaptiveCardHost". The same thing goes for the various HostContainer objects, so that you can test the cards with the themes available for "AdaptiveCardHost".

The Adaptive Cards version supported is 1.5, by using the 'adaptivecards' npm package version 2.10.0.

All Inputs Elements and Actions of Adaptive Cards have been redefined using Fluent UI React, adding and improving features that are not managed in Microsoft's implementation of the "adaptivecards-fluentui" library (Theme support for example).

Thanks to the "context" property that allows you to pass the SPFx context, whether the "data" property is passed or not, a new field called @context will be injected into the data object.

This allows, using Adaptive Cards templating syntax and binding feature of the Designer, to access to the context informations.

For more info please to refear tot he documentation of AdaptiveCardHost control

Here is an example of the control in action inside a Web Part:

Adaptive Card Host control

How to use this control in your solutions

  • Check that you installed the @pnp/spfx-controls-react dependency. Check out the getting started page for more information about installing the dependency.

  • In your component file, import the AdaptiveCardDesignerHost control as follows:

import { AdaptiveCardDesignerHost, HostContainer, BindingPreviewMode, Versions } from "@pnp/spfx-controls-react/lib/AdaptiveCardDesignerHost";
  • Example on use the AdaptiveCardDesignerHost control with only required properties:
  headerText="Adaptive Card Designer"
  buttonText="Open the Designer"
  onSave={(payload: object) => setCard(payload)}
  • Example on use the AdaptiveCardDesignerHost control with all properties:
  headerText="Adaptive Card Designer"
  buttonText="Open the Designer"
  onSave={(payload: object) => setCard(payload)}


The AdaptiveCardDesignerHost control can be configured with the following properties:

Property Type Required Description Default Value
context BaseComponentContext true Set the context from SPFx component -
theme IPartialTheme or ITheme false Set Fluent UI Theme -
onSave (payload: object) => void true Callback for saving the card -
card object false Set Adaptive Card payload -
data { "$root": object } false Set Data Source for template rendering -
newCardPayload object false Set Adaptive Card payload for the New Card -
hostContainers HostContainer[] false Set custom HostContainers []
supportedTargetVersions Version[] false Set the suported Versions [Versions.v1_5]
snippets IToolboxSnippet[] false Set the Toolbox Snippets []
bindingPreviewMode BindingPreviewMode false Set the Binding preview mode BindingPreviewMode.GeneratedData
enableDataBindingSupport boolean false Enable the support for Data Binding true
selectedHostContainerControlsTargetVersion boolean false Enable the support for Data Binding false
showTargetVersionMismatchWarning boolean false Show the target version mismatch warning true
showVersionPicker boolean false Show the Version Picker false
showSampleDataEditorToolbox boolean false Show the Sample Data Editor Toolbox false
showDataStructureToolbox boolean false Show the Data Structure Toolbox true
showFluentBreakpointsPicker boolean false Show the Fluent UI Breakpoint Picker true
showCopyToJsonToolbarCommand boolean false Show the copy to json button false
addDefaultAdaptiveCardHostContainer boolean false Add the default Host Containers to the Picker true
injectAdaptiveCardHostContextProperty boolean false Inject the SPFx Context Property inside the Adaptive Card data object true
headerText boolean false Set the Header text for the Adaptive Card Designer -
buttonText boolean false Set the Button text for open the Adaptive Card Designer -