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Grid Layout control

This control renders a responsive grid layout for your web parts. The grid layout behaves according to the SharePoint web part layouts design pattern.

Grid Layout Control

The grid layout will automatically reflow grid items according to the space available for the control. On mobile devices and 1/3 column layouts, it will render a compact layout.

Grid Layout Reflow

Although it is best used with the Fabric UI DocumentCard control, it will render any rectangular content you wish to display.

How to use this control in your solutions

  • Check that you installed the @pnp/spfx-controls-react dependency. Check out the getting started page for more information about installing the dependency.
  • Import the following modules to your component:
import { GridLayout } from "@pnp/spfx-controls-react/lib/GridLayout";
  • Retrieve the items you wish to display in your grid control. For example, you can place them in your component's state:
// This sample places loads items in the constructor. You may wish to load
// your items in the componentDidUpdate
constructor(props: IMyWebPartProps) {

    this.state = {
      items: [{
        thumbnail: "",
        title: "Adventures in SPFx",
        name: "Perry Losselyong",
        profileImageSrc: "",
        location: "SharePoint",
        activity: "3/13/2019"
      }, {
        thumbnail: "",
        title: "The Wild, Untold Story of SharePoint!",
        name: "Ebonee Gallyhaock",
        profileImageSrc: "",
        location: "SharePoint",
        activity: "6/29/2019"
      }, {
        thumbnail: "",
        title: "Low Code Solutions: PowerApps",
        name: "Seward Keith",
        profileImageSrc: "",
        location: "PowerApps",
        activity: "12/31/2018"
      }, {
        thumbnail: "",
        title: "Not Your Grandpa's SharePoint",
        name: "Sharona Selkirk",
        profileImageSrc: "",
        location: "SharePoint",
        activity: "11/20/2018"
      }, {
        thumbnail: "",
        title: "Get with the Flow",
        name: "Boyce Batstone",
        profileImageSrc: "",
        location: "Flow",
        activity: "5/26/2019"
  • Because you will implement the method to render each item in your web part, your items can be anything you'd like. Our sample data defines a thumbnail, title, name, profileImageSrc, location and activity to coincide with the Fabric UI DocumentCard elements, but you can use any properties you need.
  • In the component that will call the GridLayout control, create callback function to render every item in the grid. You can return any rectangular element you want. For example, this code uses the Fabric UI DocumentCard control.
import {
} from 'office-ui-fabric-react/lib/DocumentCard';
import { ImageFit } from 'office-ui-fabric-react/lib/Image';
import { ISize } from 'office-ui-fabric-react/lib/Utilities';


 private _onRenderGridItem = (item: any, finalSize: ISize, isCompact: boolean): JSX.Element => {
    const previewProps: IDocumentCardPreviewProps = {
      previewImages: [
          previewImageSrc: item.thumbnail,
          imageFit: ImageFit.cover,
          height: 130

    return <div
        type={isCompact ? DocumentCardType.compact : DocumentCardType.normal}
        onClick={(ev: React.SyntheticEvent<HTMLElement>) => alert("You clicked on a grid item")}

        <DocumentCardPreview {...previewProps} />
        {!isCompact && <DocumentCardLocation location={item.location} />}
            people={[{ name:, profileImageSrc: item.profileImageSrc }]}

Note that the sample code above uses the isCompact parameter to remove DocumentCard elements and to render a compact layout. You may choose to ignore the isCompact parameter if you do not wish to handle compact layouts.

  • Use the GridLayout control in your code as follows:
            ariaLabel="List of content, use right and left arrow keys to navigate, arrow down to access details."
            onRenderGridItem={(item: any, finalSize: ISize, isCompact: boolean) => this._onRenderGridItem(item, finalSize, isCompact)}


The grid layout control can be configured with the following properties:

Property Type Required Description
ariaLabel string no The accessible text you wish to display for the grid control. We recommend that you use "List of content, use right and left arrow keys to navigate, arrow down to access details.".
items any[] yes The array of items you wish to display.
listProps IListProps no Provides additional list properties to customize the underlaying list.
onRenderGridItem function yes onRenderGridItem handler for the grid layout. Use this handler to specify how you wish to render each grid item