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FilePicker control

File picker control allows to browse and select a file from various places. Currently supported locations - Recent files - tab allows to select a file from recently modified files based on the search results. - Web search - tab uses Bing cognitive services to look for a file. (Only images) - OneDrive - tab allows to select a file from the user's One Drive. - Site document libraries - tab allows to select a file from the existing site document libraries. - Upload - tab allows to upload a file from local drive. - Multi-Upload - tab allows to upload multiple files from local drive. - From a link - tab allows to paste a link to the document.


The control supports all types of file, however it also allows to specify list of extensions for the files that are going to be looked displayed. Currently, only single file selection is supported. File Picker overview

Different display types

File picker support 3 types of views : List, Compact list and Tiles. In case Tiles view is selected, the control shows the thumbnail of the file. File Picker views

The control displays breadcrumb navigation that allows to easily switch folders or document libraries. File Picker breadcrumb

Paged data load

File picker doesn't load all the files that exist in the folder. Instead, it allows to specify how many results are loaded in a batch, and executes paged requests when new data is required. File Picker paged data load

How to use this control

  • Check that you installed the @pnp/spfx-controls-react dependency. Check out the getting started page for more information about installing the dependency.
  • Import the following module to your component:
import { FilePicker, IFilePickerResult } from '@pnp/spfx-controls-react/lib/FilePicker';
  • Use the FilePicker control in your code as follows:
  bingAPIKey="<BING API KEY>"
  accepts= {[".gif", ".jpg", ".jpeg", ".bmp", ".dib", ".tif", ".tiff", ".ico", ".png", ".jxr", ".svg"]}
  onSave={(filePickerResult: IFilePickerResult[]) => { this.setState({filePickerResult }) }}
  onChange={(filePickerResult: IFilePickerResult[]) => { this.setState({filePickerResult }) }}
  • Sample onSave handler:
  private _onFilePickerSave = async (filePickerResult: IFilePickerResult[]) => {
    this.setState({ filePickerResult: filePickerResult });
    if (filePickerResult && filePickerResult.length > 0) {
      for (var i = 0; i < filePickerResult.length; i++) {
        const item = filePickerResult[i];
        const fileResultContent = await item.downloadFileContent();


The FilePicker component can be configured with the following properties:

Property Type Required Description
label string no Specifies the text describing the file picker.
buttonLabel string no Specifies the label of the file picker button.
buttonIcon string no In case it is provided the file picker will be rendered as an action button.
buttonIconProps IIconProps no In case it is provided the file picker will be rendered as an Icon the and all can define Properties for Icon
defaultFolderAbsolutePath string no Optional string parameter to set a default active folder/library for the SiteFilesTab. E.g. " 1/SubFolder 1"
onSave (filePickerResult: IFilePickerResult[]) => void yes Handler when the file has been selected and picker has been closed.
onChange (filePickerResult: IFilePickerResult[]) => void no Handler when the file selection has been changed.
onCancel () => void no Handler when file picker has been cancelled.
context BaseComponentContext yes Current context.
accepts string[] no Array of strings containing allowed files extensions. E.g. [".gif", ".jpg", ".jpeg", ".bmp", ".dib", ".tif", ".tiff", ".ico", ".png", ".jxr", ".svg"]
required boolean no Sets the label to inform that the value is required.
bingAPIKey string no Used to execute WebSearch. If not provided SearchTab will not be available. The API key can be created on a Azure account (Bing image search API), a free version exist for 1000 query per month (Pricing)
disabled boolean no Specifies if the picker button is disabled
hidden boolean no Specifies if the picker button is hidden (if hidden, panel visibility can still be controlled with isPanelOpen)
itemsCountQueryLimit number no Number of items to obtain when executing REST queries. Default 100.
hideRecentTab boolean no Specifies if RecentTab should be hidden.
hideWebSearchTab boolean no Specifies if WebSearchTab should be hidden.
hideStockImages boolean no Specifies if StockImagesTab should be hidden.
hideOrganisationalAssetTab boolean no Specifies if OrganisationalAssetTab should be hidden.
hideOneDriveTab boolean no Specifies if OneDriveTab should be hidden.
hideSiteFilesTab boolean no Specifies if SiteFilesTab should be hidden.
hideLocalUploadTab boolean no Specifies if LocalUploadTab should be hidden.
hideLocalMultipleUploadTab boolean no Specifies if LocalMultipleUploadTab should be hidden.
hideLinkUploadTab boolean no Specifies if LinkUploadTab should be hidden.
storeLastActiveTab boolean no Specifies if last active tab will be stored after the Upload panel has been closed. Note: the value of selected tab is stored in the queryString hash. Default true
isPanelOpen boolean no Specifies if the file picker panel is open by default or not
renderCustomUploadTabContent (filePickerResult: IFilePickerResult) => JSX.Element | null no Optional renderer to add custom user-defined fields to "Upload" tab
renderCustomMultipleUploadTabContent (filePickerResult: IFilePickerResult[]) => JSX.Element | null no Optional renderer to add custom user-defined fields to "Multi-Upload" tab
renderCustomLinkTabContent (filePickerResult: IFilePickerResult) => JSX.Element | null no Optional renderer to add custom user-defined fields to "Link" tab
includePageLibraries boolean no Specifies if Site Pages library to be visible on Sites tab
allowExternalLinks boolean no Specifies if external links should be allowed.
checkIfFileExists boolean no When using file links, this property allows the user to choose if the control should check if the link point to a file that exists or not.

interface IFilePickerResult

Provides options for carousel buttons location.

Value Type Description
fileName string File name of the result with the extension.
fileNameWithoutExtension string File name of the result without the extension.
fileAbsoluteUrl string Absolute URL of the file. Null in case of file upload.
fileSize number Size of the result (in bytes). Set only for file upload
downloadFileContent () => Promise Function allows to download file content. Returns File object.