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Map control

This control renders a map in your solution. The control has also the ability to search for new locations.

Here is an example of the control in action:

Map control

How to use this control in your solutions

  • Check that you installed the @pnp/spfx-controls-react dependency. Check out the getting started page for more information about installing the dependency.
  • In your component file, import the Map control as follows:
import { Map, ICoordinates, MapType } from "@pnp/spfx-controls-react/lib/Map";
  • Use the Map control in your code as follows:
<Map titleText="New of London"
     coordinates={{ latitude: 51.507351, longitude: -0.127758 }}
     enableSearch={true} />


The Map control can be configured with the following properties:

Property Type Required Description Default
titleText string no Title label to show above the control.
coordinates ICoordinates yes Coordinates required for rendering the control.
enableSearch boolean no Allow the user to search for new locations.
zoom number no Zoom level for the maps on display (range 1-15). 10
width number no Width of the maps area in percentage. 100%
height number no Height of the maps area. 300px
mapType MapType no Type of the map to render. standard
loadingMessage string no Custom loading message.
errorMessage string no Custom error message.
mapsClassName string no Custom CSS class name.
errorMessageClassName string no Custom CSS error class name.
onUpdateCoordinates (coordinates: ICoordinates) => void no Callback to let your solution knows the new coordinates when a search was performed.

ICoordinates interface:

Property Type Required Description Default
latitude number yes Latitude of the map to display.
longitude number yes Longitude of the map to display.
displayName string no Display Name of the location.
address any no Address of the location.

MapType enum: