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Field Customizer Out-of-the-box Fields Controls

These controls represent React controls that can be used in SPFx Field Customizers to provide rendering of the fields similar to out of the box experience. Additional benefit is ability to set custom css classes and styles to the component. Related UserVoice requests:


The main scenario to use this package is to import FieldRendererHelper class and to call getFieldRenderer method. This method returns a Promise with a proper field renderer (Promise<JSX.Element>) based on field's type. It means that it will automatically select proper component that should be rendered in this or that field. This method also contains logic to correctly process field's value and get correct text to display (for example, Friendly Text for DateTime fields). As the method returns Promise it should be called in one of React component lifecycle methods, for example, componentWillMount that will occur before render. The resulting field renderer could be saved in the element's state and used later in render method. Here is an example on how it can be used inside custom Field Customizer component (.tsx file):

export interface IOotbFieldsState {
  fieldRenderer?: JSX.Element;


  public componentWillMount() {
    FieldRendererHelper.getFieldRenderer(this.props.value, {
      className: this.props.className,
      cssProps: this.props.cssProps
    }, this.props.listItem, this.props.context).then(fieldRenderer => {
        fieldRenderer: fieldRenderer

public render(): React.ReactElement<{}> {
    return (
      <div className={styles.cell}>

Additionally, any of included components can be used by itself.


FieldRendererHelper class is a recommended way to use Field Controls as it provides additional functionality to automatically render the content for any type of fields.

Available Controls

The following Field Controls are currently available: