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DateTimePicker control

This control allows you to select dates from a calendar and optionally the time of day using dropdown controls. You can configure the control to use 12 or 24-hour clock.

Here are some examples of the control:

DateTime Picker 12-hour clock
DateTimePicker 12-hour clock

DateTime Picker 24-hour clock
DateTimePicker 24-hour clock

DateTime Picker Date Only
DateTimePicker Date Only

DateTime Picker No Seconds
DateTimePicker Date Only

DateTime Picker Dropdowns for Time Part
DateTimePicker Date Only

How to use this control in your solutions

  • Check that you installed the @pnp/spfx-controls-react dependency. Check out the getting started page for more information about installing the dependency.
  • Import the control into your component. The DateConvention and TimeConvention controls if the time of day controls are shown and the time format used (12 hours/24 hours).
import { DateTimePicker, DateConvention, TimeConvention } from '@pnp/spfx-controls-react/lib/DateTimePicker';
  • Use the DateTimePicker control in your code as follows, either as an uncontrolled or a controlled component:
// Uncontrolled
<DateTimePicker label="DateTime Picker - 12h"
                timeConvention={TimeConvention.Hours12} />

// Controlled
<DateTimePicker label="DateTime Picker - 24h"
                onChange={this.handleChange} />


The DateTimePicker control can be configured with the following properties:

Property Type Required Description
label string no Property field label displayed on top.
disabled boolean no Specifies if the control is disabled or not.
formatDate function no Defines a formatDate function that can override the output value in Date picker.
parseDateFromString function no Optional method to parse the text input value to date, it is only useful when allowTextInput is set to true
dateConvention DateConvention no Defines the date convention to use. The default is date and time.
timeConvention TimeConvention no Defines the time convention to use. The default value is the 24-hour clock convention.
firstDayOfWeek DayOfWeek no Specify the first day of the week for your locale.
firstWeekOfYear FirstWeekOfYear no Defines when the first week of the year should start.
key string no A unique key that indicates the identity of this control
onGetErrorMessage function no The method is used to get the validation error message and determine whether the input value is valid or not. See this documentation to learn how to use it.
showGoToToday boolean no Controls whether the "Go to today" link should be shown or not
isMonthPickerVisible boolean no Controls whether the month picker is shown beside the day picker or hidden.
showMonthPickerAsOverlay boolean no Show month picker on top of date picker when visible.
showWeekNumbers boolean no Controls whether the calendar should show the week number (weeks 1 to 53) before each week row
allowTextInput boolean no Whether the user is allowed to enter a date as text instead of picking one from the date picker.
strings IDatePickerStrings no Localized strings to use in the DateTimePicker
value Date no Default value of the DatePicker, if any
onChange function no Callback issued when date or time is changed
showSeconds boolean no Specifies, if seconds dropdown should be shown, defaults to false.
timeDisplayControlType TimeDisplayControlType no Specifies what type of control to use when rendering time part.
showLabels boolean no Specifies if labels in front of date and time parts should be rendered.
placeholder string no Placeholder text for the DatePicker.
initialPickerDate Date no The initially highlighted date in the calendar picker
maxDate Date no The maximum allowable date.
minDate Date no The minimum allowable date.
minutesIncrementStep MinutesIncrement no Specifies minutes' increment step for TimeDisplayControlType.Dropdow
showClearDate boolean no Controls whether the clearDate iconbutton must be available when date is selected, default to false
showClearDateIcon string no Controls the icon used for clearDate iconbutton. Defaults to 'RemoveEvent'
restrictedDates Date[] no If set the Calendar will not allow selection of dates in this array.

Enum TimeDisplayControlType

Name Description
Text Renders Time part as Masked Edit
Dropdown Renders Time part as Dropdown

Enum DateConvention

Name Description
DateTime Shows the date and time picker
Date Shows only the date picker

Enum TimeConvention

Name Description
Hours12 Specify the hours in 12-hours (AM / PM) time convention.
Hours24 Specify the hours in 24-hours time convention.

Interface IDateTimePickerStrings extends IDatePickerStrings

Property Type Required Description
dateLabel string no Label for the date selector.
timeLabel string no Label for the time of day selector.
timeSeparator string no Separator between time of day components (hours, minutes, seconds).
amDesignator string no Used as AM designator when 12-hour clock is used.
pmDesignator string no Used as PM designator when 12-hour clock is used.
textErrorMessage string no Error message when text is entered in the date picker.

Type MinutesIncrement

type MinutesIncrement = 1 | 5 | 10 | 15 | 30;